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The Many Benefits Offered by a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Each year attorneys help clients file for bankruptcy, in order to get relief from overwhelming credit card debt. However, groups such as Chicago Debt Solutions by the law offices of Trepeck Law Group LLC also provide personal counselling, foreclosure protection, credit rebuilding help, and more.

Debt Specialists Create Custom Solutions

Since every person’s financial and legal situation is different, attorneys listen to each client and then work with them to design unique solutions. They help individuals, small businesses, corporations, and more. Chapter 7 is one of the most common solutions offered by the typical Bankruptcy Lawyer. They often suggest it for clients who have accumulated a lot of credit card debt, pay-day loans, and medical bills. They may recommend Chapter 13 for those who are trying to prevent their cars from being repossessed or their homes sold. It is common for a bankruptcy attorney to provide a foreclosure defence that prevents a mortgage company from selling property as long as the home-owner makes small, agreed-upon payments.

Attorneys Remove Some of the Pressure

In addition to helping clients keep their vehicles and homes, a Bankruptcy Lawyer often eliminates other stressful problems. Attorneys can prevent debt collectors from calling their clients. When clients lose their licenses due to non-payment of fines, lawyers can get them reinstated. They also stop license suspensions and can get repossessed vehicles back. Law firms often design debt consolidation plans that let clients pay back what they owe in one affordable monthly payment.

Legal Experts Help Clients Rebuild

Many times attorneys create client goals that reduce debt while rebuilding credit. They often do this when their filers owe unpaid child support, Federal taxes, and student loans. Lawyers typically negotiate with debtors in order to reduce the interest and total amount owed. Their payment plans protect clients from wage garnishments, collections calls, and other actions. Eventually debts are discharged, giving clients clean slates and allowing them to start over.

Many people who seek bankruptcy lawyers in order to get relief from credit card debt find that they get many other benefits. Attorneys often help clients keep their cars, homes, and even drivers’ licenses. Lawyers protect clients from harassment, help them afford undischargeable debt, and will design credit rebuilding plans. You can visit us for more information. You can also check their BBB ratings.

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