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The Most Important Things to Consider Before Buying Lamp Posts

When lamp posts are installed correctly on a property, they’ll turn heads throughout the day, and later, they’ll illuminate dim areas around a driveway during the night. If you’re going to place fancy or rustic lamp posts on your property, there are several things to consider before you make the investment.

Key Requirements

Besides the lamp posts, you’ll also need PVC cement and a set of concrete post brackets. These construction safety products are available at most hardware stores.

Lamp Post Material

The lamp post’s exterior structure matters. If you buy a low-quality product, it will require a lot of maintenance.

Some of the strongest lamp posts are made out of a linear low-density polyethylene resin. This resin is about a quarter-inch thick. It can withstand heavy rain, high heat, and other harsh environmental elements.

Lamp Post Style

Most lamp posts have very impressive design elements that can add curb appeal to a property. The following features can give a lamp post a unique sense of style:

Bold caps

A polished base

Fancy luminaries

A sleek pole

Lamp Post Protection

Paint and bird dropping can stain regular lamp posts after they’re placed on a property. In terms of protection, the best way to minimize maintenance is by picking a set of lamp posts that are non-hygroscopic and non-porous. Products that have these qualities won’t stain easily because they don’t absorb paints or moisture.

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