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The Necessity of Portable Construction Heaters

When temperatures drop during the winter, construction workers may have to work in freezing weather with below-zero temperatures. Despite the risks to their health, they still have to stay on schedule to complete buildings for clients. Contractors and their employers have begun using portable construction heaters to keep their workers safe and prevent illness on the job. These efficient machines have solved the problem of stopping construction work during the winter months.

Heater Operation
Portable construction heaters use fans to propel heated air up to 300 feet using fans and duct work. The ducts can be moved to different levels of a building, giving the system more flexibility around larger construction projects. For ground level projects, heaters can project heated air in a one to two foot range depending on the model. The heat will spread throughout the building and keep it at a comfortable temperature. Using curved propeller fans pushes more air upwards and improves overall efficiency and output.

Using portable construction heaters on site will keep workers and contractors healthy throughout the winter months. The heaters will maintain a comfortable working temperature with perfect efficiency in temperatures up to -40° Fahrenheit. Burners remain covered and protected, preventing extra heat from leaking out of the tube connected to the site. This covering will also protect workers from being burned or injured by the heating element.

The heater’s maximum heat of 200°F will spread quickly throughout a confined space, consistently heating the area to a comfortable working temperature. A variety of different fuels, including oil, gas, propane, and diesel, can power the heater, providing construction companies with affordable fuel alternatives. Having a heater in place makes construction possible in harsh climates and keeps projects on schedule without increasing their overall budgets.

Space heating is an efficient, humane way of improving productivity in construction work. Workers will stay healthy and be able to build continuously through the year. Once a building is complete, the heater can be reused for other projects in the future. Contractors will be able to keep their workers healthy and complete projects on schedule in a comfortable, heated environment for the cost of fuel.

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