The Process of Dental Implants in Rockville Apr03


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The Process of Dental Implants in Rockville

Dental implants in West Fargo ND are artificial teeth replacements made of a material called titanium. It is shaped like a screw and is made up of three different parts – the screw, the abutment and the crown covering. The screw is made of titanium for a reason – it is capable of osseointegrating with the bone in the jaw.

Phase One — Dental Implant

Dental implants in West Fargo ND are considered to be a surgery of sorts. The gum tissue has to be prepared by opening it enough to expose the bone. There are times when the bone has deteriorated so much a bone graft is necessary for success. If this is done, the bone graft has to heal before the rest of the procedure can be completed

The next part of the procedure consists of the dentist putting a metal screw directly into the jaw bone. Something called an abutment is screwed onto the metal screw. The abutment is made from zirconium. The dentist will have to put on a temporary aesthetic covering till the metal screw “takes hold” in a process called osseointegration. This time frame may vary with different individuals but is generally anywhere from three months to nine months. Any stitches that were used in the gums will be taken out in seven to fourteen days after surgery.

Phase Two – Implant Restoration

After the metal screws have “taken hold” and the dentist feels the healing process is complete, the next phase of dental implants in West Fargo ND commences. The temporary aesthetic covering is removed and a permanent crown is put on the abutment. The crown, of course, has to match the surrounding teeth in color so it also needs to have translucency property to it. The crown is cemented into place. With the coloring and translucency, it will match the natural teeth exactly.

Why Dental Implants

The positive element of the Dental Implants in West Fargo ND is they as aesthetically appealing and more user-friendly than dentures. The overall comfort of the implant cannot be compared with the discomfort of ill-fitting dentures. Another positive is the implant is put where teeth are missing, leaving the healthy teeth intact. If one uses a partial or a bridge, it has to be grounded in a healthy tooth and has the potential of loosening or weakening the anchor tooth. Too schedule an appointment contact us today.

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