The Pros And Cons Of Zinc Plating Apr25


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The Pros And Cons Of Zinc Plating

When it comes to preventing corrosion on parts and components in any industry and for any application, there is no one size fits all solution. There are some options in metal finishing that are more commonly used than others, and zinc plating is one of the most often selected electroplating methods.

Parts that are finished with zinc plating processes can be found in most metal products both in the home as well as in commercial applications. Zinc electroplating is used in components in vehicles, equipment, lawn and garden equipment, for military and defense fabrication as well as in the aerospace industry.

There are several good reasons to use zinc electroplating. There are also some specific types of applications where another plating option, such as zinc nickel plating, may offer a better option.

Low Cost

The zinc electroplating process is a low-cost, high-efficiency application. Using barrel or rack plating methods, small or large volume lots can be completed quickly, helping to reduce the cost.

It is also a lower cost plating option for medium to large sized part and components, which makes it a good choice for high volume orders and production requirements.

Good Corrosion Protection

With top throwing power for even distribution of the plating across the surface, there is good corrosion protection noted with standard zinc electroplating. Many of the top metal finishing companies also provide passivation and different options in seal coatings that can be applied after the electroplating, resulting in excellent corrosion resistance at a price that is less than other electroplating options.

If excellent corrosion protection is a factor in choosing a process, work with a zinc plating company offering the passivation and coating options. With a quality service provider, the result is a bright, clear and blister-free surface that will stand up even in extreme conditions.

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