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The Recreational Cannabis Industry is Growing by Leaps and Bounds

Colorado has quickly become the cannabis capital of the United States. Not only does every town and hamlet in the state have a quality recreational cannabis dispensary, but Colorado-grown weed is renowned.

In fact, many of the recreational cannabis dispensaries in the state grow their own, in on-site greenhouses. Under these ideal conditions, local cannabis dispensaries can produce just the weed their patrons want.

Among the most popular Colorado cannabis strains are:

• Aurora Borealis

• Chem Brulee

• Durban Kush

• Glue Ball

• Lemon Creamsicle

• Lemon Dawg

• Lilac Diesel

• Mac & Cheese

• Orange Cookie Chem

• Pineapple Chunk

• Sherbert Creamsicle

• Sundae Driver

Not only do recreational cannabis dispensaries in Colorado grow their own weed, but some also produce their own edibles and other cannabis products.

It does not only do residents of the state who enjoy the benefits that cannabis has to offer. Colorado has developed a thriving cannabis tourism industry. People from all over the country flock to the Golden State to experience the famous Rocky Mountain high.

In fact, tour companies have sprung up to take out-of-towners on a guided tour of the region’s recreational cannabis dispensaries. Each recreational cannabis dispensary has something unique to offer both Coloradans and those from out-of-state.

In all, the cannabis industry has brought more than a billion dollars into the state’s tax coffers, with retail sales contributing 78%.

However, recreational cannabis must be used in moderation. Remember the old saying, you can have too much of a good thing. With that in mind, enjoy what Colorado has to offer in reasonable amounts.

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