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The Role of Interior Designers and Home Decorators in Washington DC Home Renovations

Home renovations in the Washington DC area can involve an upgrade to a specific room in the home or a complete remodeling of the interior of the home. For homeowners, choosing the right professionals for the job can be quite difficult, but understanding the different services offered by home decorators and interior designers is a good starting point.

The Role of the Home Decorator

Home decorators or interior decorators are professionals who are trained to work with the interior space in a home. They are typically called to work on the project once the construction is completed and the homeowner wants to create the style and appearance of the space.

The Role of the Interior Designer

Interior designers can be home decorators, but they also have the training and the ability to work with the architect or the contractor to create the design of the room. This may include adding design elements that create more space, functionality, or specific features to the room that impact the actual construction process.

Often, the interior designer starts working on the project very early and works closely with the development of the blueprint and home design plan. They may then also continue working through the decorating of the renovation, adding the finishing touches to create the ideal space for the homeowner.

How to Decide

When trying to decide if your home project needs the services of home decorators or interior designers, consider the structural changes required. If there are no structural changes in the rooms, the home decorator or the interior designer may be a suitable option. If there are structural changes that must be made to create a new space in the home, an interior designer is the best option.

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