The Sales Process of Buying Your First Used Car Aug29


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The Sales Process of Buying Your First Used Car

You’ve already figured out what car you want, you have narrowed it down to a handful of options, and you’ve visited a used car dealer in Oak Park to help with the process. Now, it’s time to pick a couple final options and start the negotiating process.

If this is your first used vehicle, you may or may not have a trade-in to offer. If somehow your first car was a gift or loaner that you can now trade, be sure to research the value of that trade-in. You’ll know if the dealer can get a little closer to an ideal trade-in based on the values you’ve researched. (They assume you’ve done your research.) This trade-in goes toward the final agreed price on your vehicle of choice.

The negotiation process on your overall favorite vehicle will again involve you having done research. You can find what a comparable vehicle is sold for in your area. The range may be several thousand dollars, as there are many variables to consider. Is your car low or high mileage? What are the features (leather seats, sun roof, electric power, etc.)?

You’ll establish an agreed upon price and any perks with the dealer, then meet with the loan officer to find your best loan options. It is advisable to enter this phase with a concrete monthly payment you can’t go over. Let the loan officer know this number. When using a used car dealer in Oak Park, they will work everything possible to sell the vehicle at your agreed upon price.

The dealers at Hawk Chrysler Dodge Jeep are ready to help you make your first used car purchase. They will make the experience a positive one so you’ll return again and again for your future car buying needs.

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