The Secret to the Best Pork Is the Rub You Use Dec03


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The Secret to the Best Pork Is the Rub You Use

By far the best way to get incredible flavor out of your pork is to rub it down with a perfectly blended mixture of herbs and spices. The pork and the rub come together to complement each other to offer the taster a mouth-wateringly flavorful experience. If you barbeque or smoke your pork it adds an even deeper dimension that your taste buds will remember for days after.

The Secret to Proper Rub Use
While it isn’t necessarily a secret it is a step that far too many people skip. The result of which is a flavor profile that isn’t nearly as deep as it can be. Once you have rubbed down your pork or pressed it in with the rub mix it is essential to refrigerate it for several hours. This gives the rub mix a chance to fuse deeper into the pork and really become a part of the tissues of the meat. If this one simple step is followed the tasting experience can’t be matched for you or your guests.

Make a Meal to Remember
You want your guests to be able to leave your dinner party and talk about the most amazing pork they have ever had. It is a point of pride to cook a meal and have them refer back to it as the best they have ever eaten. Using the right pork rub is the best way to accomplish this.

The Best Pork Rub
For the best pork rub in Columbus, GA area, you are going to want to go to Stripling’s General Store. They have been providing only the finest culinary products to the public since 1964. Try their rub on your next piece of pork and you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

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