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The Self-Propelled Boat Trailer – Stability, Visibility and More

If you run a boat yard, you probably understand that space equals money. The efficient storage of your boats is highly important to your bottom line. Find the companies, which can offer you a self-propelled boat trailer that is able to help you increase your yard space as well as your profit – the Self-Propelled YardStar Boat Handler. This boat trailer is the answer you need if you are looking to improve the efficiency and overall profit margin of your business. Let’s go over some features.

Stability and Visibility
Stability is a distinct characteristic of the YardStar. The drive units of this trailer have been developed to distribute traction to the four wheels evenly. This expertly designed machine traverses effortlessly over various forms of terrain, including on gravel, on grades, and over rises. In addition, you can enjoy high-level viewing with this trailer. The trailer can be operated via hydraulic orbitrol steering or through the use of a single hand joystick.

Additional Features
The versatility of the YardStar self-propelled boat trailer is another one of its distinct characteristics. It is available in both submersible and non-submersible models. Particular options include biodegradable hydraulic oil, and onboard video camera includes a monitor, and reinforced aluminum crossbeams. Our selection also includes submersible ramp use models to match your specific requirements.

Standardized features that come with this trailer include units consisting of a two-speed hydraulic drive and a four-wheel hydrostatic drive. In addition, the trailer comes with inward-canting hydraulic arms and the diesel industrial engine. Another feature is its open bridge operator station.

A Beneficial Investment
You can save energy, time, and stress with the YardStar self-propelled boat trailer due to the manner in which it is engineered for the safe, fast, efficient handling of any powerboat sailboat located in your boatyard. This trailer can help you increase your bottom line by enhancing your storage capacity by as much as 30 percent, while simultaneously reducing your boat handling hours and labor costs. In addition, the trailer comes with a solid warranty.

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