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The Signs That Indicate Someone With Dementia Is in Need of Senior Care

Many people who have a loved one with dementia will try to keep them at home. However, it is often best for someone to get dementia nursing care in Columbia, SC. There are several signs that a dementia patient may be better off in a senior living facility.


Patients who have severe dementia may often wander. Many people never find their way home after wandering. That is why if your loved one has wandered once, then it is best to put them in a senior living facility. Senior living facilities take special care to make sure that patients do not wander.

Neglecting Personal Care

It will become harder for a person with dementia to take care of themselves. They will likely start neglecting personal care. If your loved one has poor hygiene or an unkempt appearance, then assisted living will likely be the best option.


Many dementia patients have problems with balance. That is why they are prone to falling. Falls can easily lead to serious injury or death. Patients who have balance issues need to have constant supervision in order to ensure that they do not hurt themselves.

Changes in Eating Habits

Dementia patients may have changes in their eating habits. They may start to skip meals because they are struggling to prepare them. You should check the kitchen. If you see food that is stale or spoiled, then this can indicate that your loved one is having trouble remembering to throw out food.

Additionally, weight changes may indicate that your loved one’s eating habits have changed. They may lose weight because they forget to eat. They may also eat several times a day because they cannot remember when they last ate, which can cause weight gain.

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