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The Three Approaches To Rodent Removal In Baltimore MD Used By An Exterminator

The idea of a home being overrun by rodents and other pests is enough to strike fear in the heart of many, and despite the claims of over the counter treatment methods, ridding a home of rodents and keeping them out isn’t easy. An exterminator is a professional that has the knowledge and skills to determine what type of infestation a homeowner is dealing with and will create a customized treatment plan that eradicates them for good. The following is a look at three of the many tactics a professional will employ for rodent removal in Baltimore MD.

Bait Boxes

If a homeowner notices one rodent, it is likely that several more are hiding behind walls and under floors, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to explore and search for food. Bait traps are effective at not only getting rid of those rodents that are seen but those that are hiding as well. As the food is eaten and taken back to the nest, it will kill off the entire group, ensuring that those rodents never get a chance to reenter.

Rodent Traps

In some cases, a standard bait box isn’t useful, which is why exterminators utilize rodent traps. Most will place bait on the mechanism itself to attract the rodent to it, and once they step foot on it, it will trap them and prevent them from escaping. Some traps are designed to kill the rodent on contact, while others are billed as humane and allow for the rodent to be released back into the wild.

Perimeter Spray

Once a professional has tackled Rodent Removal in Baltimore MD, the next step is to keep them from reentering. A perimeter spray is designed to keep mice and rats at bay by discouraging them from entering a home in the first place. Most extermination professionals recommend reapplying the spray every three months to ensure year-round protection from pests.

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