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The Top 3 Ideas for Having a Fun Online Socially Distant Date Night

In these days of social distancing and staying-right-at-home nights, you might be struggling with that lack of connection to your current or potential significant other. The standard go-to’s of going out for dinner and drinks, to the movies, or to the bar are no longer great options for date night, but there are other ways to plan a date night. Although we’ve been using Skype and Zoom for work purposes, you can also use these video call platforms for the perfect date night experience. Below, you can grab some great ideas for how you can create the perfect date night all from the comfort and safety of your home.

Cooking Class for Date Night

As couple can also cook together together via Skype (multi-location classes). The Chef & The Dish offers virtual cooking class for date night where you get a personal cooking lesson from a world-renown chef. Have fun, create a delicious meal, and spend quality time with your loved one that doesn’t include just sitting in front of the television or facetime.

Sync Up a Movie

An easy way to be together apart on date night is to watch a movie together. You can go all out with this one: sync up on popcorn, snacks, and mood lighting to set the scene. The great thing about watching a movie together, even though you are apart, is that you can talk, joke, and be silly without anyone hushing you!

20 Questions

If you are just starting to get to know someone, then a great date night idea is to play 20 questions. You can include questions that range from serious to irrelevant. The purpose here is to take the time to form a connection even when you can’t be physically together.

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