The Top Reasons You Should File for Bankruptcy in Henderson, NV

Bankruptcy cases in Henderson, NV, can be quite complicated. That is why you carefully consider your decision to file for bankruptcy. However, there are benefits you can reap if you file for bankruptcy. There are several reasons that bankruptcy is the best option.

The Bank Is Foreclosing Your Home

If you are getting ready to lose your home, then it is a good idea for you to file for bankruptcy in Henderson, NV. An automatic stay is issued when you file for bankruptcy. Chapter 7 can allow you to stay in the home temporarily. Chapter 13 will allow you to catch up on the payments that you have missed.

The Lender Wants to Repossess the Car

Bankruptcy can also help you keep your car. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to catch on the missed payments. Both chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to get back the car that you have lost.

You Are Getting Ready to Get Evicted

You may be able to stay in your apartment if you file for bankruptcy. However, if your landlord has already obtained a writ, then filing for bankruptcy won’t save your apartment.

You Want to Stop a Lawsuit

You can be sued if you do not pay your debt for a certain amount of time. You can stop a lawsuit if you file for bankruptcy. You can also stop the harassing phone calls.

If you need help with bankruptcy cases in Henderson, NV, then you will need to contact Newark & Newark Law Firm.

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