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The Two Major Symptoms of Sjogrens Disease

People can suffer from one of many different types of auto-immune conditions. These disorders are triggered when the healthy cells and tissues of an individual’s body are mistakenly attacked by his or her immune system. One example of an auto-immune condition is Sjogrens disease.

Like many in this auto-immune group, Sjogren’s syndrome is found in the company of other immune system disorders. Among the most common ones are:

• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Systemic lupus erythematosus
• Primary biliary cholangitis

The presence of one or more auto-immune conditions may confuse the initial diagnosis. However, Sjogrens disease can be identified through the presentation of certain symptoms.


Sjogrens disease is indicated by two major symptoms. These are primarily presented in the moisture-secreting glands and mucous membranes of the mouth and eyes. These affect the production of saliva and tears. The resulting symptoms as exhibited in these two organs are:

1. Dry eyes: The eyes may feel gritty as if sand or fine dirt is trapped in them. They can burn or itch.
2. Dry mouth: The mouth does not have a gritty sensation, rather it feels like it is stuffed full of cotton wadding. This decreases the ability to either speak or, more importantly, swallow.

These major symptoms may be accompanied by others including the swelling of joints with its accompanying pain and stiffness. Other indicators include:

• Swollen salivary glands located in front of the ears and/or behind the jaw
• Dry skin with or without rashes
• Tenacious dry cough
• Protracted fatigue

For women, an added problem and symptom can be vaginal dryness.

Living with Sjogren’s Disease

There is no cure for Sjogren’s syndrome – only treatment. A serious condition, a quick identification and a diagnosis in its early stages can help inhibit the development of complications and prevent tissue damage from taking place. The diagnostic kits available from Trinity Biotech can help identify the disease. This results in the implementation of a treatment allowing those affected to manage the condition effectively.

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