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The Various Ways to Obtain Legal Status in the United States

There are many different ways that you could enter the country legally or obtain legal status after arriving in the United States. An immigration law firm in Torrance, CA, may be able to help advise you of your rights and devise a strategy to help you live and work in the country.

Education and Work Visas May Be Available

If you’re looking to get an advanced degree, it may be possible to obtain a visa that allows you to participate in undergraduate or graduate programs. Those who work as engineers, scientists, or other technical professions may also be granted a visa to enter the United States. Legal professionals from an immigration law firm in Torrance, CA, could further explain what those visas are and how to obtain them.

Do You Have Family In the Country?

In many cases, you can gain entry into the United States if a family member is a citizen or a permanent resident. After enough time passes, that relationship may make it possible to become a permanent resident or a citizen yourself. If you were born overseas to American parents, there is a good chance that you are already an American citizen.

Have You Escaped Violence at Home?

It may be possible to apply for asylum either before or after crossing the border into the United States. The first step in the application process is a credible fear interview. During this interview, you will be asked to show physical or other types of evidence that you were abused or risk being harmed after returning home. If you pass this step, a court hearing will be scheduled, and you have the right to obtain legal counsel to help during this process. In most cases, asylum seekers are allowed to live and work in the country prior to their hearings.

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