Things to Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Venue Oct24


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Things to Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

While organizing an event you have several decisions to make. As you prepare to look for the ideal venue, consider these key factors:


Being an organizer who is conscious about cost, you probably have a desire to keep your costs as low as you can so you can have more room in the budget for things like beverages, food and entertainment. Becoming flexible on your chosen day may be a good negotiating tool, as some times of the week are usually less expensive.


Convenient locations mean various things for various events. For an event that has guests that are local, the venue should be central to that location. But, if most attendees are going to be coming from out of town, holding your event at a venue close to the airport or their hotels is beneficial. Better still, if participants are being housed at one location, hosting your event at that hotel will mitigate the necessity for valet parking and the opportunity that attendees are going to be late because of getting lost. If you’re looking for a downtown Prescott reception venue, consider Plaza View Ballroom wedding venues and event center.


Pay close attention to all existing decorations in the venue. What will the interior convey and what style is the architecture? If you are having a gala, you will likely require different accommodations than you might for other events. The less the ambiance compliments the desired feel of the event, the more decorating you will have to do.


Acoustics is merely a fancy word for how sound will travel through a venue. Low ceilings make a venue feel cozy. However, it’ll make it louder if it is packed. Alternatively, larger warehouse-style venues result in echoes, or what architects call “reverberation”.

Other things to consider include the venues: services and amenities; capacity and minimums; parking; layout; accessibility; and insurance. For more information on our Prescott reception venue, contact Plaza View Ballroom at (928) 925-6521.

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