Things To Know About Buying a Ford Flex in Bedford Park Apr29


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Things To Know About Buying a Ford Flex in Bedford Park

The Ford Flex in Bedford Park is one of the most unique vehicles on the market. The design, long and square, has created a lot of buzz, and is certainly one of a kind on the market. These vehicles make for a great investment, as Ford is a company with a great reputation and with brand longevity that isn’t going to fade. In addition, the look and feel of the Ford Flex makes it one of the best cars to buy this year. Here are some things to know about buying a Ford Flex in Bedford Park.

It Pays Homage To Surf Wagons

Surf wagons were a popular class of vehicles in the 1960s, and the Ford Flex was designed to pay tribute to those models. Each had a long, flat roof, and featured sides with squared off corners. This is where the similarities end, however, and the Ford Flex features a much more modern fascia, improved headlights, and its bumper has been designed to soften the overall boxy look of the vehicle.

It’s A Well Designed Crossover

The Ford Flex looks and feels like a wagon, both from the perspective of a passenger, and the driver, and features a ride that is as smooth as it would be in any other vehicle. However, it has the ability to comfortably seat seven passengers, and features three rows of seating. When not transporting all those passengers, the extra rows of seating can be folded up to reveal 83 cubic feet of cargo space. In addition, the car can tow up to 4,500 pounds of weight.

It Has Power

Buying a Ford Flex in Bedford Park also means buying a lot of power. The vehicle features a 3.5 liter V-6 engine, meaning it can provide 285 horsepower. Most models come standard with a six-speed automatic transmission, meaning that everyone in the whole family can easily give it a spin. All-wheel drive is also available as an added option, to provide extra safety and security in less than ideal driving conditions.

A Ton of Other Options are Available

Buying a Ford Flex in Bedford Park doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any of your favorite options featured on its competitors. The vehicle seems to have everything under the sun available, including sunroof panels, a refrigerated center console, and power-folding seats. For those who drive frequently in winter weather, heated second row seats can also be added.

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