Things to know about Hair transplant Feb13


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Things to know about Hair transplant

When thinning or hair loss is affecting your confidence and the way you see yourself, it is time to do something about it. One procedure can you can get a Hair Transplant in Connecticut. Before you find a good surgeon and clinic, here is some information about the process.

It is not exclusive for men

Women are also affected by hair loss, not just men. Therefore, women are can also undergo a Hair Transplant. About 27% of hair transplant clients are female.

Not everyone experiencing hair loss is a good candidate for hair transplant

There are always essential criteria to consider before going through any operation. Is there enough hair donor to cover the affected area? What kind of hair loss does the client have? These are important questions because if the patient’s hair loss is due to a lack of certain hormones of vitamins, oral medication is enough to restore hair growth.

It is costly, but worth it with good quality

Surgery is expected to be expensive. Just make sure that you get what you pay for. Find a good quality doctor that can deliver what he promises. Check his reputation. Do your research in finding a good one.

Expect to lose hair before you grow some

Sometimes, a client may experience a “shock loss,” which is a temporary thinning of the hair due to the minute injury on the scalp during surgery. This thinning of hair may last a few weeks after the operation. Hair growth is visible about six months after the surgery and moving forward. Though hair transplant is a low-risk procedure.

Before deciding on going through with an operation, it is imperative to get your facts straight. Know what to expect and know which clinic is best for you for Hair transplant. If you’re in Connecticut, check out Distefano hair restoration center for one of the best facilities in the area. Prepare yourself not just physically, but emotionally for life-changing surgery.

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