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Three Bizarre Things That Can Happen to Your Windshield in Sugar Land, TX

Windshield repairs are pretty common in Sugar Land, Texas. The most random things can happen to your windshield. They can be downright bizarre sometimes. Everyone knows that drops in temperature can crack a windshield or a rock can get thrown from a truck, but here are three unexpected things that can cause you to need an unexpected windshield repair in Sugar Land, TX.

Fly-Away Baseball

Baseball is a popular sport that’s played among adults and kids alike in Sugar Land. In neighborhoods, you can find kids batting away at baseballs and softballs all the time. One of those balls could land right on your windshield leaving a super-sized hole with a million cracks.


One of the most nerve-wrecking things that can cause you to need a windshield repair in Sugar Land, TX, is to have a bird smack into your windshield while you’re driving. The bird will definitely be smashed up (and dead). Your windshield would suffer a lot of cracks as well.


People are human and humans fight sometimes. Random street fights or bar brawls could unfortunately involve someone being thrown onto your windshield. You might not be involved in the fight. It would be a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There are so many things that can happen that will crack or break your windshield. When that happens in Sugar Land, you need a reputable company to fix it for you. Business Name can provide you with top-quality workmanship.

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