Three Common Air conditioning Problems that a TX HVAC Pro Can Fix

Summer in Texas is hot and humid. If you are staying in Texas during summer, make sure to check your air conditioner unit. In case you experience serious problems, you should have a professional air conditioning service in Red Oak, TX, to call.

What are the common air-conditioning problems that you might encounter?

Low Refrigerant

Air conditioning works by removing heat and humidity in a room. This is being done by your unit’s refrigerant. If the refrigerant is leaking, your unit might not be able to cool down your room. If your AC is on but the room remains hot, your refrigerant might have a leak and the only solution is to have a professional replace it.

Fan Problem

An air conditioning unit has two fans. One is used to blow air into your unit’s evaporator coil (it cools down the air) and one fan to blow the air out of your unit. Causes of fan problems are faulty motor, lubrication problem or dirty belt. These can lead to a faulty fan and non-functioning air conditioning unit.

Thermostat Problems

Older models of ACs can be tricky to operate. Some come with an old-dial type thermostat that needs to be calibrated in order to make it work. If you are not sure how to fix your thermostat, it is best to contact a professional provider of air conditioning service in Red Oak, TX.

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