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Three Common Modes of Foundation Repair Common in Baltimore, Maryland

Foundations, as their name implies, are what homes are built upon. Types of foundation damage are plentiful, including foundation cracks, wall or floor cracks, ground settlement issues, doors not closing as well as they once did, and uneven floors are all common types of foundation damage. Here’s what can be done in terms of foundation repair in Baltimore, Maryland.

Rebuilding Foundations via House Jacking

Jacks can be used to lift up homes on a temporary basis in order to repair your home’s foundation. You can repair your foundation directly where it’s cracked
or replace the entire thing. Usually, you’ll need at least a half-inch of clearance to
repair foundations successfully in this manner.

Installing Concrete Columns

Concrete reinforced with steel rebar in the form of pre-poured columns can be installed directly below your home’s foundation. In this mode of foundation repair for Baltimore homes, you’ll first be required to dig deep below the foundation, then force these pillars into place.

Redesigning Water Drainage

Although this isn’t a form of direct foundation repair, it should be performed with all major, direct forms of fixing foundations. You may need help from land surveyors and landscapers to plan out and implement improved drainage plans, respectively.

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