Three Essential Qualities the Church of Your Choice Must Possess Oct09


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Three Essential Qualities the Church of Your Choice Must Possess

You’re in the market for a new church home. With so many Jacksonville churches to consider, how do you find one that will allow you to truly live out your stewardship? As you fully consider the options, keep these three qualities in mind.

Have you ever walked into a church for the first time and had no one other than a greeter acknowledge your presence? Don’t feel alone. Many people have had the same experience. At any church you choose, it’s important for people to be welcoming. That means smiles, nods, handshakes, and verbal greetings to confirm people know you’re there and they’re glad to have you.

You’ve been to enough Jacksonville churches to know some rely on what’s sometimes called, “the milk of the gospel.” That is, you get a little sustenance, but things don’t delve much below the surface. When you look for a new church home, find one that provides you with instruction, correction, information, challenges, and opportunities to serve. A church that allows you to enjoy the meat of the gospel along with the milk.

In Jacksonville, churches are truly committed to the gospel and community outreach is not seen as optional. There will be ministries designed to help the less fortunate in terms of both spiritual and temporal needs. Look for involvement in ministries designed to help people find jobs, fill empty stomachs, and provide counseling when life gets rough. Service is just as important as worship in most churches and can feed the soul as well as fill your spare time with meaning.

Are you looking for a home in Jacksonville churches? We’d be happy to have you join us at Southpoint Community Church. Call today, or visit us at to learn more about who we are and what we offer. See you next Sunday!

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