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Three Features Your Sunglasses Should Include

Depending on where you live, sunglasses may be a must-have accessory, or not. If you live near a coast, the desert or a city like Los Angeles, you own at least one pair. The true Angelenos, for example, own at least five pairs for fashion and practical purposes. For those who do not live in an area that treats sunglasses shopping as a way to add another accessory to their wardrobe, there is still an art to picking out the perfect pair. It is perfectly acceptable to opt for the pair that dims down the sun when you are driving. A new feature to consider is floatable sunglasses.

Here are three features your sunglasses should include.

UV Protection

If you ever sat down and thought about what sense or body part you could live without, you might have concluded that they are all equally important. Losing one over another is not ideal, which is why you should actively protect all equally. To protect your eyes, you should limit their direct exposure to the sun’s rays. You can wear a hat, a pair of sunglasses or a combination of both. When you pick out your pair, whether they are meant for fashion or practical reasons, opt for the pair that has the highest UV protection.

Scratch Resistant

Most pairs are sold with their own protective case. If you purchase a drugstore brand, they may hand you a cloth bag for the glasses with your transaction that offers some protection. Whether or not you receive a protective case, it is a good idea to purchase a pair that is scratch resistant. Like floatable sunglasses, it makes them sturdier and likely to last longer.


An additional feature worth ensuring your new pair has is anti-fog. This simply makes them wearable in all conditions.

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