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Three Signs That You’ve Purchased a Lemon and What to Do About It

You’d like to be able to trust all car dealerships and private vehicle sellers. You’d like to believe that if you buy a car, it will run for you with no problems. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, people buy lemons. Here are three indications that you may have purchased one.

The Seller Is Evasive

You may have bought a lemon if the seller or dealer does not try to assist you when you contact them about your problem. It might be true if this person is trying to avoid your calls and disappear on you without resolving the issue. You can talk to the California Lemon Law attorney who might be able to help you get what you deserve. The California Lemon Law attorney will help you determine whether the car you purchased is indeed a lemon, and then he or she can evaluate your case further. This person may be able to help you recover some of the funds you spent or even get you into another vehicle.

The Sale Goes Too Quickly

All salespersons want to close deals, whether they are shops or individuals. However, you should be cautious of a person who tries to get you in and out without allowing you to ask questions or properly inspect the car. If you feel like the deal went too quickly, you’re probably right. You may have a lemon if you notice some issues any time soon.

Massive Issue Shortly After Purchase

The next indication that you’ve purchased a lemon is major trouble with the vehicle. You could have a lemon if you experience something like an engine seize, transmission failure or something similar within the first 30 days of buying your car.

Visit Lemon Law America to find out more about the Lemon Laws in your state and what to do if you ever purchase a lemon vehicle.

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