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Three Signs You Need Emergency HVAC Services

When you own a home, you become familiar with common sounds and smells. If you notice strange noises or odors coming from your heating and cooling unit, you may need a tuneup by a professional in HVAC in Sandy Springs. Sometimes, these can indicate an emergency. How do you know the difference? Here are three signs you may have an emergency needing immediate service.

Burning Smells

If your HVAC in your Sandy Springs home starts smelling like something is burning, it could mean trouble. Usually, this odor means there is an electrical problem. This is a potential fire hazard and warrants immediate attention by a professional. If you are certain the burning odor is coming from the unit, turn it off immediately and call for emergency services.

Water Leaking

Freezing coils and clogged drains can lead to a leak. By ignoring the leak, you can put your unit at risk, as well as damage other parts of the house. Leaking water can soak into walls and floorboards. This can lead to an expensive repair bill. Avoid this by reaching out to a professional in HVAC in Sand Springs.

Limited Air Flow

If a unit stops working during an extreme weather event, such as extreme hot or cold temperatures, it can be dangerous. If it’s hot and humid outside and your unit stops working, don’t wait to schedule an appointment with a professional. Although the lack of airflow may not be an emergency, it can lead to one.

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