Three Signs Your Limousine Service in New Jersey Isn’t as Great as They Say They Are

When you are planning the perfect evening, whether it’s your prom or formal or you wedding, the icing on the cake is often hiring a Limousine Service New Jersey to truly make you feel like royalty. Many of our childhood dreams are completed by that ride in the perfect limousine. So how do you know whether or not the Limousine Service New Jersey you are planning on hiring is great enough to complete your dreams? Here are three signs that the Limousine Service New Jersey is more hype than service.

1- They don’t require or request a separate tip for their driver.

Do not let the desire to save a few dollars end up ruining your evening! Companies who know that they have hired the best drivers available allow those drivers to earn tips based on their service. Even better if the tip is required to be paid to the driver at the end of the evening. This payment tradition helps keeps great drivers motivated to make sure your evening is fantastic, and nudges mediocre drivers to perform their jobs even better.

2- They refuse to let you examine the limo before your rent it.

A great Limousine Service in New Jersey will be proud of their fleet of vehicles. They should be more than willing to allow you to inspect the limo they wish to rent to you before your big night arrives. What about if the limo is in service? The great Limousine Service New Jersey keep updated digital photos of each and every one of their vehicles that you can preview until the actual vehicle becomes available for inspection.

3- They are not properly licensed and insured.

Limousine Service New Jersey are required by law to hold certain licenses and carry a particular level of insurance. A great Limousine Service New Jersey will also have their affiliations and licenses prominently displayed at their place of business, so don’t be shy to ask about them if you don’t see them upon walking in.

By being prepared and knowing what you are looking for, you can do your best to make sure that you actually have the perfect transportation for your perfect event!

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