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Three Valuable Services Performed At A Pet Hospital In Johns Creek

Individuals who have pets will do anything necessary to keep the animals healthy, and this includes taking the pets to a veterinarian when needed. Veterinarians offer various types of treatments and procedures so animals can live long and healthy lives. Read the information below to learn about three valuable services available at a Pet Hospital in Johns Creek.

Wellness Visits

Wellness visits, also called checkups, are a very important part of the health of any animal. Wellness visits should begin when animals are young and continue throughout their lives. These visits are performed to ensure a pet is healthy and, if the animal has any medical issues, the vet can begin treatment right away.

Checkups keep any diseases or illnesses from progressing into something more serious. Young animals should have their first checkup and vaccinations at around six weeks of age. When animals reach adulthood, they should continue to have wellness checks at least once a year.

Surgical Procedures

Veterinarians perform many kinds of surgical procedures on animals. While pet surgery can often seem frightening for pet owners, veterinarians are very knowledgeable about anesthesia and surgical procedures.

Common surgeries include spaying, neutering, repairing fractured bones, removing growths, and eye surgery. Individuals will receive paperwork outlining pre-surgery and post-surgery care for their pet prior to the day of the procedure.

Emergency Treatment

When a pet has a medical emergency, individuals should not waste any time getting the animal to a Pet Hospital in Johns Creek. There are many reasons why animals may need emergency treatment, and if individuals wait too long, the animal’s condition can worsen.

Common reasons why individuals should seek emergency treatment for their pets include poisonings, broken bones, trauma, extensive bleeding, and deep wounds. Additionally, if animals are vomiting blood, have severe diarrhea, or are experiencing problems with their breathing, they also need emergency care.

Individuals in Johns Creek who need to take a pet to see a veterinarian can visit the Animal Hospital Of Nesbit Ferry Crossing. This facility specializes in various health and wellness services for animals including checkups, surgery, laboratory tests, and dentistry. Visit the website at Ahnfc.com to find out more information about this veterinary clinic.

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