Three Ways to Repair Your Bad Credit and Improve Your Credit Score May11


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Three Ways to Repair Your Bad Credit and Improve Your Credit Score

Is your credit score less than stellar? Poor credit can prevent you from getting a car, home or even a job, but the good news is that you can rebuild your credit with a few simple steps. Here are three ways to boost your score and get the credit you need.

Check Your Report and File Disputes

Did you know that mistakes could be weighing down your credit score? It’s important to check the accuracy of your credit report and file disputes. Some credit repair programs in Pennsylvania can help with removing inaccurate or outdated information from your credit report.

Negotiate Old Debts

If old debts are keeping your credit down, paying them off is one of the best ways to boost your score. However, most people don’t have the money to pay everything in full. Negotiate lower prices with the creditor, or use a credit repair program in Pennsylvania to work out a payment plan.

Get a Secured Credit Card

Removing negative information from your credit report is just one part of repairing your credit. You also need to build a positive credit history, and a secured credit card is a great way to establish credit.

Do you need help raising your credit score? Square One Credit Management is a financial service company that specializes in helping clients achieve financial freedom by repairing and enhancing their credit score in an ever-changing credit environment.

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