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Tinnitus Treatments

Tinnitus, or ringing of the ears, is a frustrating condition that may interfere with your ability to focus on your work, concentrate on a task or sleep well at night. Tinnitus could also make it difficult for you to do the things that you enjoy, including conversing on the phone, listening to music or watching your favorite shows. We offer tinnitus therapy Bonner Springs Kansas to help you lessen the symptoms of tinnitus and experience more joy and peace in your everyday life.

There are many causes of tinnitus. Some people experience it after they are exposed to a sudden loud sound, such as a gunshot or an explosion. Others develop tinnitus after an illness or injury to the head. You could develop tinnitus without any obvious cause or problem other than the ringing in your years.

The therapies that we offer begin with an assessment of your symptoms and hearing. We conduct a hearing test to determine if you have any hearing loss. The next part of what we do is to identify the tone and frequency of the ringing in your ears. By identifying the pitch, tone and frequency of the tinnitus sound, we can set up a therapy that is more likely to be successful for you. We will also give you some therapy exercises to do on your own time.

Instead of feeling frustrated by your condition, you can come to us for tinnitus therapy Bonner Springs Kansas. We offer a range of effective therapies to reduce or even eliminate the annoying tinnitus from your life. Give us at Kaw Valley Hearing a call today to schedule a consultation with our audiologists. You may also visit us online at https://www.kawvalleyhearing.com/ for more details about our therapy options and our staff.

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