Tips for Bat Removal in Westerville, OH Jul06


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Tips for Bat Removal in Westerville, OH

Bats are often classified as a pest species due to their habit of taking up residence in homes intended for human inhabitants. It is not uncommon for bats to infiltrate attics and chimneys or to even wind up stuck in the living quarters of a home. Read on to find out about a few tips for bat removal in Westerville OH to learn how to deal with this problem.

Start With a Full Inspection

If bats are living in an attic, chimney, or another area of a home, the chances are they didn’t gain entrance through the front door. The first step toward removing the bats and ensuring they do not return is to perform a full home inspection looking for areas where bats could be entering the building. Keep in mind that many species of bats can fit into remarkably small spaces, so these home inspections must be performed with extreme diligence and an eye for what bats look for when it comes to entry points.

Understand Bat Species

Different bats have different birthing and hibernation seasons and different living habits, so identifying what species of bat is currently colonizing the home can be essential when it comes to figuring out how and when to remove them. There are several species of bats that are common in Ohio. These include the Little Brown Bat and the Big Brown Bat, though other species such as the Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat may occasionally make an unwanted appearance as well.

Do Not Trap BatsIt is never wise to attempt Bat removal in Westerville OH through trapping. While there are plenty of bat traps out there on the commercial market, experts tend to agree that these traps are not only inhumane but are also completely ineffective. Readers should look into bat exclusion rather than bat trapping, as this technique has been proven to produce better results.

Know When to Hire a Pro

Readers who are having trouble locating potential entrance points or determining which species of bat has infiltrated their homes should not hesitate to call in a professional wildlife control expert for help. Know more about our company and services by visiting the website to get started.

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