Tips For Booking An Online Motivational Speaker Nov10


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Tips For Booking An Online Motivational Speaker

As a small to mid-sized business owner, or even as a large enterprise corporation, trying to bring all staff together to attend an in-person training is a challenge. Not only is the cost often prohibitive for travel, accommodation, and lost revenue, but there is also the cost of the speakers for the event.

A cost-effective way to address this issue and to allow the entire sales team or company to attend a training is to hire an online motivational speaker. With the advantage of the online training, multiple locations, departments, and leadership teams can participate in the virtual presentation without having to leave their office.

Consider the Platform

A top online motivational speaker has the ability to provide a presentation on the platform used by the company. The most popular and widely used is Zoom, but other digital platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts are also exceptional hosting options.

Consider the Speaker’s Reputation

An experienced online motivational speaker has the power to do more than just improve morale and boost sales for a short period of time. When these speakers provide a message that resonates with your team, they can change the mindset, approach, and attitude around sales throughout the company.
In addition to providing this resonating message, take a close look at the speaker’s areas of expertise and work experience. This can be a critical factor in matching the best speaker with your audience and customizing the presentation to provide a lasting change in your company.

As a recognized online motivational speaker and presented, Doug Dvorak provides inspiring, motivational, and highly effective presentations. Whether it’s a webinar, a web-based keynote or an online commencement speech, Doug Dvorak delivers a virtual experience that provides all the excitement, insight and humor of his successful in-person appearances.

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