Tips for Choosing Eyeglass Frames in NYC Apr17


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Tips for Choosing Eyeglass Frames in NYC

Glasses can be a way to show off your own personal style. However, with so many options available, it can be hard to choose just the right Eyeglass Frames in NYC. Taking a few things into account will help to narrow down the options, so you don’t spend all day trying on frames looking for the perfect pair.

Face Shape

The frame shape of the eyeglasses you choose should contrast with the shape of your face. For example, someone with an oval face should get frames that are at least as wide as the widest part of their face, and someone with a base-up triangle face should get frames that are rimless or have a very light-colored frame that’s larger at the bottom than the top. A narrow oval-shaped frame is well suited to someone with a square face, and a round face is well-suited to a narrow rectangular-shaped frame. Cat’s eye and oval glasses work well for those with diamond-shaped faces, while round glasses flatter a heart-shaped face.

Cool or Warm Colors

A person with a cool complexion and pink undertones should get frames that feature cool colors, and someone with a warm complexion that is more peaches and cream should get frames featuring warm colors. Cool colors include black, blue, plum, dark tortoise, magenta, mauve, pink, silver, rose-brown, jade and blue-gray. Orange, off-white, camel, red, blond tortoise, coral, peach, olive, beige, honey, khaki, and copper are considered warm colors.


Choose Eyeglass Frames in NYC that are in proportion to your face. Very oversized or undersized glasses won’t look as flattering. Sunglasses are the exception, as larger glasses offer more protection.

Lifestyle Considerations

Those who are very active will want glasses that can bend easily without breaking, while those who sit for hours playing video games may want special gaming glasses to improve this experience. People who work in conservative businesses may want more conservative styles, while others may want to show off their personality with frames that are brightly colored and embellished.

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