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Tips For Custom T-Shirt Printing

Using a custom printing service in Toms River to provide exceptional custom printing services for your t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, or any other type of item is a simple way to show your creative side. By allowing the custom t-shirt printing service to complete the work, you do not need to invest in all the equipment needed for screen printing, embroidery, or direct to garment printing.

Creating a design for custom t-shirt printing allows you to incorporate all of your ideas. There are some important considerations to keep in mind when designing a graphic or adding text. When in doubt, talk to the custom printing service in Toms River for design tips before placing the final order.

Simple or Complex Graphic Designs

A common mistake for those new to custom t-shirt printing is to create a graphic and message that is very detailed and complex. Keep in mind, these messages and the graphics are designed to be visible from a distance. Creating highly complex patterns makes it difficult to see and understand both the design and the message.

The Font

Simple fonts are easier to read than the more ornate and cursive types of fonts, but this also depends on the size and color selected. In general, if you are using an ornate font, keep the message simple and choose a larger size.

Consider the Colors

With direct to garment (DTG) printing or screen printing, it is possible to add a rainbow of colors. However, just like the actual design and font, more colors are not always better.

Consider the background color of the t-shirt and choose design and text colors that stand out and make the image or message easy to read. Avoid using text, graphics, and t-shirt colors that are too similar to provide a clear distinction to maximize your custom t-shirt printing project.

Let the team at Breakthrough Custom Clothing help you with your custom t-shirt printing order. To find out more, see us at

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