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Tips for Getting Chicken Wings Just Right for Texture and Taste

One of the things that you’ll usually see on most menus from restaurants that serve chicken is chicken wings. They can be prepared in numerous ways ranging from baked to fried and coated with hot sauce. When you want chicken wings restaurants in NY, there are a few things to look for so that you know the chefs have prepared the best dish possible.

When chicken wings are prepared, they should have a crispy skin. The chicken should be completely dry before it’s cooked, which will then give the crispy texture that you desire. The restaurant should avoid adding any kind of sauce to the chicken until the wings are cooked to keep the skin as crispy as possible. A small amount of salt or baking powder can be added to the chicken to dry out the skin if there isn’t a lot of time to let the wings rest.

Getting the Temperature Right
A detail about chicken wings that restaurants in NY serve is that they should be prepared at a high heat. An oven that’s at least 425 degrees is ideal. If the wings are fried, then the oil needs to be hot as well. It usually takes about 35 minutes for chicken wings to completely bake. If they are fried in oil, then they should be left until the meat is at 165 degrees. When the wings are removed, the sauce can be added so that it sticks to the chicken instead of coming off.

When you go to a restaurant that serves chicken wings, you’ll usually notice that there are several flavors to choose from, such as mild sauces and those that are very spicy. Other flavors often include garlic or lemon pepper. Most restaurants offer boneless and bone-in wings to satisfy the desires that customers have as some don’t like eating foods with their fingers.

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