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Tips for Prepping Your Boat for Winter Storage in Sandpoint, ID

If you’re looking for winter boat storage in Sandpoint, ID, there are several things that you need to think about before storing your boat away. One of the most important things when it comes to boat storage is prepping the boat so that it remains in good condition while it’s stored away, allowing it to be ready to use when you take it out again. Following are some tips for prepping your boat for storage in winter.

Use Fogging Oil
Use fogging oil throughout the winter so that your boat’s engine stays lubricated. Turn over your engine without turning the boat on. While it’s turning, spray the oil into the carburetor. Doing this will help ensure that your engine’s moving parts stay lubricated and ready to move throughout the cold winter. Check your manual because some boats require that you spray the fogging oil through the spark plug holes instead of the carburetor.

Disconnect the Battery
Make sure you that you disconnect the battery before winter begins. If you don’t, the battery could drain out and die. Once you disconnect the battery, fill it with distilled water. Charge it every now and then so that you’re sure it’s ready to go when you need it to.

Keep Your Gas Tank Filled
Make sure that your gas tank remains completely full throughout the winter. If you don’t, you could cause condensation to build up inside of the empty tank. This could then cause the tank to become corroded or worse.

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