Tips to Using and Selecting Custom Clothing Tags for Kids Around the US

Stick on clothing labels are a great way to keep track of your child’s items and help them make sure they are using their own things. In this day and age of COVID, it is a good idea to use every tool available to assist kids in sticking to the new proper hygiene standards, including not sharing facemasks and other personal items. Custom labels come in handy in a variety of situations.


If your child goes to day or summer camp, stick on clothing labels can personalize jackets, sporting equipment, and towels. Using custom labels not only allows you to put a child’s name on it, but you can make it fun by adding their favorite sport, color, or animal. Camp counselors will appreciate the extra effort you took.


Going back to school means lots of excitement and movement, and properly identifying a baseball cap, outerwear or backpack is just as important as marking notebooks and tablets. Plus, the tags will help minimize loss. Consider adding your cell phone number on these items so that the school and other parents can contact you if they find something.

When selecting labels, look for ones that will withstand lots of playground time and plenty of machine washings and dryings. The tags should be rain and fade-resistant. They should be easy to apply to all types of surfaces, including plastic and denim. They should not come off easily, and you should be able to order various sizes, colors, and shapes. For more details on stick on clothing labels, styles, and customization options, contact Label Daddy at

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