Top 3 Things College Students Need to Consider About Off-Campus Housing

At some point in their college career, students start to think that it may be time for them to move off-campus. Currently, on top of wanting more privacy and independence, college students may consider living off-campus for their health and safety. The COVID-19 virus has changed the way we live, and it just may change the way college students live as well. LSU student apartments and off-campus housing can help students keep up with social distancing by keeping them out of crowded dorms. However, there are some things that college students need to consider before moving off-campus.

Proximity to Campus

First, living off-campus means you will have a commute. If you don’t have a car or vehicle, then you are going to want to look for housing that is in walking or biking distance of campus. You can also look for housing that is close to public transport as well.


College students also need to budge correctly for their off-campus housing, as it won’t be included in their tuition and fees. Along with your base rent, there are utilities, internet, and other expenses that need to be included in any budget.


College students can help offset their off-campus expenses by having roommates. Often, there a ton of other college students looking for housing, so this is a great way to keep connected to campus and college student life while still living on your own.

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