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Touching on a Few of the Benefits of Commercial Solar Film in Katy, TX

When it comes to window tinting, commercial solar film in Katy TX has grown to be a popular addition to commercial glass features. The question that many business owners and building owners may have is just how beneficial is this type of solar film. They also may wonder why is it something they should consider for their existing commercial facilities.

Save on Energy Costs

The first thing is this type of film can significantly decrease energy bills. With its ability to filter out a great deal of the harsh light and the heat that accompanies that light coming through untreated windows, the overall inside ambient temperature is lowered dramatically. This helps commercial HVAC systems to keep the interior of the facility as cool as possible, even on the warmest of days. It also reduces how hard an HVAC system will have to work to maintain a cooler building.

Reducing Inside Glare

Natural light streaming through a window can be a wonderful thing, but on exceptionally bright days or for commercial facilities with windows that are situated to the east or the west, too much light can be a bad thing. This abundance of light can create a blinding glare that can make being in a particular section of a commercial building uncomfortable.

Improved Safety

One of the last benefits to Commercial Solar Film in Katy TX is the safety component. Many people may not think about solar or tinting film being much more than an energy saving or comfort feature, but it has safety properties as well.

For windows that haven’t been constructed with anti-shatter technology, broken windows can mean shards or splinters of glass flying everywhere. Even newer windows with anti-shatter technology may have this issue. However, when solar film is applied to the window, it encapsulates the window so that should the window be broken violently, whether through an act of vandalism or weather-related, shards and splinters of glass will be contained by the film not allowing them to fly through the air.

Whether it’s the reduction of energy bills, making the interior of the commercial facility more comfortable or improving safety, commercial solar film can do all this plus much more. If you’re interested in having this film applied to the windows of your commercial facility, you may want to contact us for more information.

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