Try These Makeup Hacks to Give Your Look an Exhilarating Boost Mar05


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Try These Makeup Hacks to Give Your Look an Exhilarating Boost

Whether you’re doing your own makeup or helping someone else look her best, the lighting you get from a Professional Makeup Light will help you match the best colors for the complexion of the skin. Additionally, a few secret makeup hacks from professionals will go a long way. Here are a few of those secrets.

Save Your Mascara Brushes
While every bottle of mascara comes with a brush, each brand’s brush is a little different. If you find a brush that works really well with your lashes, rinse it off after each use and store it someplace safe.

Keep Some Coconut Oil Handy
A cheap hack that will help you create a more natural and radiant look is to add coconut oil to your matte full-coverage concealer. You’ll find that the oil makes the concealer easier to blend as well.

Contour Your Eyebrows
You’ll need the extra illumination that a professional makeup light will provide for this hack. Start with a clean mascara brush and moisten it with hairspray. First, brush your lashes upward with the brush to apply the hairspray to your lashes. This will give you the holding power to contour them into the desired shape.

Use Lip Liner Sparingly
A matte lipstick can be applied without a lip liner in many cases. As a general rule, women with fair or lighter skin will never need to use lip liner because the contrast between skin and lip pigmentation is already apparent. Women with darker skin should use a lip liner when using a dark matte lipstick color.

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