Two-Speed Reel Design Makes a Difference Jun10


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Two-Speed Reel Design Makes a Difference

Technically, two-speed fishing reels have been around since the 1930s, but never in widespread use. However, about 10 years ago new designs enabled by better materials and technology have made two-gear reels far more viable – and best of all, as easy to use as a one-speed instrument. The fact is, two gears are better than one. Think about riding a bike. If you have to ride up a steep hill, you want the ability to click down to an easier gear to make for easier peddling. More gears give you a wider range of capabilities.

Thus, a fishing reel can be transformed into a vastly more useful angling tool just by adding a second speed. In short, the bigger the fish, the more useful a second speed in a reel can become. When you’re tussling with a fish of 25 pounds or more, flipping into a lower gear gives more power to your retrieval action.

While many providers are competing to create excellent two-speed reel products, industry insiders are abuzz about Alutecnos reels. Alutecnos is an Italian firm with a deep tradition of developing saltwater and freshwater fishing gear of amazing variety.

Its two-gear real is considered among industry insiders and fishing pros to be among the best designed for this class of product.

The choice of materials and attention to detail is stunning. Two-speed Alutecnos reels are constructed with high-grade aluminum that is ultrasonically cleaned and then polished and anodized with a gold or silver finish. The Albacore two-speed model is configured with five protected stainless steel bearings. It also features a tempered stainless steel gear wheel. This reel goes the extra mile by incorporating a drag washer and gears composed from a high-tech carbon composite.

The bottom line is that anglers armed with two-speed reels have at their disposal a superior way to bring in those prize-sized fish.

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