Types of Back Pain that Should Never be Ignored Sep29


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Types of Back Pain that Should Never be Ignored

Back pain could be caused by any number of factors and is one of the most common pains people suffer from. It can come in quick bursts of shooting pain or it can be a dull ache that lasts for years and can be caused by sleeping wrong or a much more serious diagnosis. Here are some types of back pain you should never ignore, as they may be a sign of something serious wrong that could debilitate you for the rest of your life.

Tingling sensations
If you’re experiencing numbness or a tingling pain in your back, arms, legs, or groin it could be a sign that you have suffered from spinal cord damage. Your spine is directly linked to your ability to walk, so you should seek medical assistance immediately. Tingling can also be a sign of nerve damage that needs to be taken care of as soon as you can, so get it checked out today.

Leg pain or weakness
Back pain that travels to your buttocks or legs can be a sign of a couple different things. If you’re experiencing weakness in one or both of your legs which is causing you to limp, it could point to nerve damage which can get worse if left untreated. Leg pain is also a sign of sciatica, which can be a symptom of degenerative disc disease, lumbar herniated disc, or other serious underlying medical conditions.

Bowel or bladder issues
A bowel or bladder problem due to back pain and numbness could point to an infection or cauda equina syndrome (CES). CES is a rare condition that puts a lot of pressure on the nerves at the base of your spinal cord that is connected to your pelvic organs. CES requires immediate surgical intervention, and if it’s not treated it could cause paralysis or permanent impaired bladder and bowel control. So, if you’re experiencing any bladder or bowel issues and you also have back pain, don’t assume they’re unrelated and seek assistance immediately.

Pain when coughing or bending over
If you bend at the waist or cough and experience pain in your back, it could be a sign that you have a herniated disc. A herniated, collapsed, or protruding disc can cause pinched nerves. If a damaged disc is left untreated, you may need to have various surgeries to correct the problem. Herniated discs that are caught early can be helped with non-surgical treatments. Noticing the pain when you cough or bend over means it’s time to visit your doctor.

Because back pain happens to so many people, you may feel like your pain doesn’t need treatment. If you ignore your pain, however, you could wind up with more severe health problems and spending more on treatments. If you’re looking for somewhere that treats back pain in Jacksonville area, Riverside Pain Physicians can help find out if your pain is from sleeping wrong or something more serious.

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