Types of Insulation

Why does your garage door need an insulator? Having a Garage Door Insulation at Chester County makes your life easier. With its many benefits, it is ideal to use. Just some of its advantages are, it helps lower down your energy bills, and it brightens your once dark and sad garage. Knowing the types of insulation will help you decide on which ones suit you best.


Batt insulation is the kind of insulation that is flexible and is usually made of fiberglass. For the barriers, it is often back by foil or paper. The cost would still depend on the store, but per square footage, it cost around 30 cents.

Foam board

This type is panels that are often made from polystyrene. Foam board will provide an insulating value that is rather high though it is not as thin as the others. They are usually between one-half to one inch in thickness, and they are often with vinyl or aluminum. For the cost of foam board, it is around $20 for a four foot by eight foot with one-inch thickness.


Reflective insulation is made of rigid boards with where there is an application of reflective aluminum foil on one or both sides. This is a suitable type especially when there is extreme heat or during hot climates like summer. Again, its cost would depend on the store, but it is usually around $42 for a four foot by twenty-five foot.

If you want to save on your energy bills and make your garage look better and have a better feel to the room, having a Garage Door Insulation is highly recommended. If you are in the Chester County area and you don’t know where or how to start, get your consultation with the experts like Smoker Door Sales to understand the types of insulation that suits your needs and wants.

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