Understanding Basic Vehicle Terms as You Search for a New Car Jul15


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Understanding Basic Vehicle Terms as You Search for a New Car

As you search among new cars for sale in Chicagoland, you’ll encounter an avalanche of information along the way. This abundance of data can be helpful, but only if you understand what it all means. To help provide some clarity in the chaos, then, here are some common vehicle terms you’re likely to encounter and an explanation of what they mean.

As you consider different types of vehicles, one measurement you’ll encounter over and over is the “wheelbase.” This term refers to the distance between the center of the front wheel and the center of the rear wheel. In most cases, it is a good indication of the overall size of the vehicle and can also be useful in determining the types of handling characteristics you can expect. Popular new cars for sale in Chicagoland that have been around for several generations have generally seen their wheelbase increase over the years, meaning a roomier and more comfortable ride for you and your passengers.

Hip Room
If you plan on carrying multiple passengers on a regular basis, the “hip room” measurement is one you’ll want to study carefully. That’s because hip room is a measurement of the individual seat cushions in the back seat (and front), even if those seat cushions are all connected into one continuous bench seat. This measurement will give you a decent idea of how much room those rear-seat passengers will have on either side of them if the maximum number of people are using the space. For older children or adults, this measurement can truly be a make-or-break factor.

Curb Weight
When it comes to cars, there are weight measurements galore. One of the weights you’ll encounter is known as the “curb weight.” This measurement captures the total assembled weight of the vehicle and adds the weight of all the fluids necessary to operate the vehicle. These fluids include windshield wiper fluid, motor oil, coolant, and, in most cases, a full tank of gas. This measurement is the most accurate portrayal of the weight you will be moving when you’re actually driving your vehicle, giving insight into fuel economy, handling, and other vehicle characteristics.

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