Upgrading Your Recovery Center’s Record Keeping System

The accuracy and accessibility of patient records may underscore your center’s success in the community. People who come to your center for help treating their addictions count on you to keep an accurate record of treatments they receive. They also trust you to make those records available to other providers like primary care physicians to whom they grant access.

Because addiction to substances like opioids and alcohol continues to pose a serious problem to public safety and health, you may find it best to upgrade your record keeping system to stay on track with or ahead of the available technology. By incorporating technology like CARF standards for behavioral health, you can securely store patient information and access records if or when needed without the hassle of sifting through paper records.

Upgrading your system to utilize CARF standards for behavioral health can be a vital necessity in your substance abuse recovery center. As you treat more patients, you will need more storage options for an increased number of records. If you rely on outdated methods like paper files, you could run out of space and also compromise the confidentiality of people who come to you for help.

By transferring your existing files to virtual formats, you eliminate burdensome paper records that are no longer practical to maintain in today’s healthcare industry. Virtual records are just as if not more accessible than paper files. They also offer a higher level of security than what could be found with traditional record keeping systems.

Storing your existing and new files also does not require you physical space on hand for them. Instead, you can invest in cloud storage for your recovery center. The cloud stores records securely while allowing you access to them from personal or business-related devices like your smartphone or laptop.

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