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Uses for Sturdy Racks in a School Kitchen

A kitchen at a large public high school needs many items of equipment and supplies to serve all of the students, teachers and staff members who eat lunch there. Most public high school kitchens have several industrial racks to keep a variety of items organized. Look at a few examples of the items stored on these special racks.

Small appliances such as mixers, toasters, coffee makers and blenders are some of the items found on an industrial rack in the kitchen of a public high school. These may be extra appliances to keep on hand in case they’re needed, or they may be used on a daily basis. The racks keep them secure and organized.

The utensils used in a high school kitchen are generally super sized so they can be useful in preparing large amounts of food. For instance, a large whisk may be used to combine ingredients for a dessert and large spoons may be used to stir pans of mashed potatoes, green beans and other dishes. Industrial racks are perfect for storing these large utensils, so cooks have easy access to them when they are needed.

Many kitchens in high schools have supply rooms or pantries. These racks line the walls with shelves full of dry goods such as flour, sugar, salt and cake mixes. These shelves are sturdy enough to support bags of heavy dry goods and help to keep the room organized for cooks and other kitchen staff.

Finally, not only are industrial racks sturdy enough to play an important part in a high school kitchen, they are durable and designed to be useful for many years. This is a benefit for a high school that wants to invest in well-made kitchen equipment.

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