Using an Anti-Bullying App to Bring You Peace Dec13


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Using an Anti-Bullying App to Bring You Peace

Since the beginning of social interactions, way before the Internet was ever invented, there were bullies. It’s not a new problem. What has changed is the magnitude of their reach. With social media as a global communication mainstay, it has opened the world of bullying to be more intense, hurtful and impactful on relationships and careers. Friendships can turn sour and pictures you took with a friend that you assume would stay private can easily be made public and cause significant damage. There is a solution to help curb bullying and give you peace. Consider using an anti-bullying app.

Keeping Private Things Private

Remember the saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?” Unfortunately, without an anti-bullying app, what happened in Vegas can be quickly known in Chicago, New York and even Finland or Australia. In fact, what happens in any location can easily be shared anywhere by anyone and can end up being the next Internet meme or video embarrassment, which can cost you friendships, put you in awkward position at work and with your family and possibly cost your job or career.

Being in Control of Your Interactions

Using an anti-bullying app is a good way to set specific boundaries before you go on your next vacation with friends or attend a work-related retreat. It allows you to make an agreement with another person. This helps keep things that were said and done privately stay that way. You can create an agreement, review agreements sent to you, receive messages and initiate a dispute with someone who has decided to break said agreement.

To learn more about the anti-bullying app and how it can help you, visit the PlayNice website.

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