Using An Ice Cube Distributor in Suffolk County For A County Fair Booth

When someone wishes to set up a food booth at a county fair, there will be a need to take steps in keeping all edible items safe for customers to consume. During a hot, summer day, the risk of food spoilage will escalate along with the temperature. Here are some tips someone running a food booth should take to ensure the food they are selling will remain in a safe condition for those who are eating it.

Make Sure There Is Shade Available

Food that will be on display for customers to see as they walk past the booth should not be placed in a spot where it is in direct sunlight. An area of shade should be provided to help in keeping this food from spoiling due to harsh ultraviolet rays. It is also a good idea to place food on display on top of ice if possible. This can be done by placing the cubes inside small trays and then placing the food in containers on top of the ice.

Use Ice To Keep Food Chilled Until Needed

Food that will not be displayed for viewing will need to be placed in a cool area until it is needed. Make sure to have plenty of coolers available to keep food completely contained. These can be filled with cubes provided by an ice cube distributor in Suffolk County, NY. The cubes can be purchased in bulk and replenished when necessary. Any extra cubes purchased for the duration of the fair can be placed in a home or business freezer until needed.

Keep Tabs On Duration Of Left Out Food

Food that is displayed or left out in hot temperatures for too long will need to be disposed of rather than served to customers. Do not allow refrigerated foods to remain outside of a cool temperature for more than an hour, so it does not spoil.

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