Vape Supplies at News & Smokes in Medford, OR Jan24


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Vape Supplies at News & Smokes in Medford, OR

Modern science has proved that vaping is less harmful than smoking. Hence, smokers are resorting to vaping as a new way to get their smoking fix with less harmful side effects. News & Smokes is your destination for vape supplies in Medford, OR.

There are a variety of liquid-based vaping products at News & Smokes to suit the taste of every person. Select from six brands of disposable cartridges that fit right into your vape pod and can be easily removed when the liquid has been used.

Choose from Wulf Mods, Emeralds, CIG20, KangerTech, and Fantasia. Check out the many scents and flavors of vaping liquid amongst each brand that we carry for your convenience!

While picking up your vape supplies in Medford, OR, consider purchasing hookahs, pipes, or glass pipes to vary up your smoking and vaping experiences. Customize your experience with a pipe or hookah that matches your personality.

Cigars, cigarettes, and rolling tobacco is also available for our clients who do not like vaping. Perhaps you need a newspaper or magazine to keep up with the news or a snack to cure a craving. That’s why we are called News & Smoke! We are here for all your smoking and vaping needs and for your news reading needs!

With 3 convenient locations throughout Medford, we are located near you whenever you need more vape supplies. Let News & Smokes be your provider of vape supplies in Medford, OR! Give us a call to find out what vaping supplies are in stock today at (541)-479-3790.

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