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Video Security for the Home Can Add Higher Level of Safety

For years, it was always thought that only the select few could afford to protect their home with video security cameras. Now that is not the case anymore. There are actually plenty of options for home security that will not break the bank. These options are simple enough and actually come packed with quite a few features.

Selecting a Security System

For most homes, a simple 4 channel digital video recorder is sufficient to provide all of the security needed to cover the entryways of a home. This is also a good sized security system to get started with because there is not as much wiring needed with just 4 video cameras. There are a few other things to look for when selecting the right security system for a home.

The first thing to check is to make sure that the 4 channel digital video recorder has the latest technology in video compression. This would be the H.264 compression technology. This compression technology really enhances the performance of the digital recorder. For one thing, the size of the video files is dramatically decreased. This also makes for easier transmission and the ability to employ other technologies like video streaming.

The compression is so good that a person can actually watch a live feed from 4 different video cameras from a remote location. All a person has to do is go online and log onto the digital video recorder. A person could be at work and be able to monitor all 4 video cameras at their home and even control the settings on the digital video recorder.

Speaking of remote control, this is also something that should be looked for when selecting a new security system. Most of the newer digital video recorders come with this option as a standard. Some makers of the digital video recorders have even taken this technology a step further by creating apps for smartphones that will allow a person to monitor their security system right from their smartphone. This includes video monitoring.

There are a lot of choices for digital video recorders. They are available for simple two camera security systems all the way up to a huge 32 camera security system and beyond. Quite a few retailers of the security camera systems offer custom solutions. They will listen to the needs of the client and then offer a solution and all of the necessary equipment to fully protect the property with full video surveillance. The great thing is the cost of a new digital video recorder and security camera system is not nearly as expensive as it once was. They are actually quite affordable now.

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